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Duncan french dimensions puffy non toxic low fire Fd274 light pi
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Duncan french dimensions puffy non toxic low fire Fd274 light pi

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French Dimension are a different kind of firable paint. They are underglazes and are applied similarly to fabric paints.Otherwise known as "puffy Paints". They are puffy and are not applied with a brush. Simply stated they are squeezed from the tube right on to your project. They are a 3 dimmensional type paint that leaves a raised surface. Note that these colors require much more drying time before a clear glaze can be applied over them due to the thickness of the colors. They are non toxic and are great for highlighting around other underglaze products. The Duncan concepts line(on our site) are compatible with these "French Dimension" colors. Several colors to choose from. Fire at cone 06. These colors are non-toxic . French Dimensions are high-pile glazes for raised design effects, such as dots, stripes, squiggles and outlines, over and under nonmoving glazes and over each other. Available in a 1.25oz easy to use squeeze bottle. Learning About French DimensionsTM Basic Instructions 1. Apply with squeeze bottle. 2. Maintain steady squeeze pressure. 3. Fire to shelf cone 06. 4. Do not touch bottle tip to ware (this may cause the French Dimensions to flatten). 5. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque (or greenware, depending on technique. Tips & Techniques 1. Popularly used with the stained glass technique. Create design outline on greenware; fire to shelf cone 04; fill design with various glaze colors; glaze fire to shelf cone 06. 2. Use in combination with other glazes for intriguing looks. 3. Use to create lace effects. 4. Use to outline design on ware. 5. Great for lettering, including From: and To: in birthday gifts. 6. Great for making dots. Health & Safety 1. Nontoxic and leadfree, but not recommended for use on food containers due to raised surface.

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